Monday, September 27, 2010

Tangled up in multimedia blues

I used to have to have only a notebook and pen.

Now, I need a video camera, an audio recorder, Blackberry, and various headphones and battery chargers. My desk is a mess, and I sometimes find myself tripping over wires and tangled up amid the mess that is my desk.

Shuffling papers is one thing. Untangling wires consumes my time.

Anyone have ideas for controlling my tangled life?


  1. Ron, I feel your pain! You **think you have a "mess" problem (and that's probly what the eds see) but what's really going on is: you're trying to live and work on a narrow beach backed by rock cliffs. Take another look at that photo: No one could make that tiny space work well! (And you know I've tried.) Dump or pack away the papers you never look at so you have some elbow room. Then grab a big roll of duct tape and attach the black box to your phone unit. Put the chargers in a dedicated space / cigar box. Tape it to desk if needed so they can't wander. Loosely bundle cords w/twisties or cable ties so they don't grab at stuff. Bird by Bird, buddy! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks, I've already cleaned off my desk, which one of my Twitter followers described as a "fire hazard" from the picture. I'm also going to try and variation on your suggestions. Now, if I can find some tape

  3. Your desk is by far the least gross thing in that newsroom. Anyway, cable ties are your friend. Also, check out the "cable clutter" entries on