Thursday, June 7, 2007

"The Pulitzers are history"

From Salon, that was our favorite acceptance speech from the 11th Annual Webby Awards this week. All speeches are limited to five words.

I’ve always thought that we should compare oursevles to the best. I’m always looking to see who's excelling in what I want to do, so I pass along inspiration from the Webbys.

Salon shared best magazine honors with the always inspirational MediaStorm (Speech: "Stories are Timeless").

For the first time, the Webbys included a video category.

Winning in the Video News/Documentary/Public Service division were:
Kevin Sites: In The Hot Zone from Yahoo News! (Acceptance speech: “War: What's It Good For”) and "Independence Day" (Acceptance speech: "Verizon, Save The Internet")

Other awards for top web sites included:

The Guardian Unlimited (Newspaper), and (Newspaper “People’s Choice” and best home/welcome page), BBC (News) and NPR (podcasts).

For more cool interactive presentations, see the Webby winners' gallery.


  1. "The Multimedia Reporter?" ...What a farce!

  2. Abe: Great to hear from you, old buddy. I didn't know your parole officer had restored your Internet privileges.